Snow on the pond

We got less than an inch here on the pond.  Just enough to enjoy, but not enough to shovel.












I have not been in the studio that much this week.  Linda and I have been taking out our artistic frustrations on our den (and each other).  In the last few weeks, we have painted, installed crown molding, painted and tiled the floor.  Linda has always wanted to do a mosaic on a tiled floor, so she carefully cut out the tiles leading from one doorway to the next, so eventually we will have a really unique “stream” running across the floor made of her glass, and a few bronze leaves from me.  Here is a preview of the floor without the mosaic.  We’ll give you updates.  Check out Linda’s art glass creations on our store here. Meanwhile, here is a pic of the floor as it is now.










Speaking of updates, I put my bronze fish pendant in the tumbler for a few hours, and this is how she came out.

Now comes the fun part, I plan on giving her a slightly green patina, and then stringing her for a necklace.  I’m think she needs to have something in her mouth – maybe a pearl.  Any suggestions?

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