A New Fish on the Pond

Linda and I both had some studio time today.  Unfortunately, most of her time was taken up with vacuuming up the wood dust from all the baseboad and crown molding I have cut  in the last few weeks.  I did finally manages to patina and finish my fish pendant mentioned in previous posts.  I decided on a standard Liver of Sulfur solution — very hot.  I dipped it in and immediately rinsed it in hot water.  I got a lovely aged finish, with a few sparkles of purples and gold.  I loved the way the patina got darker towards the tail.










Here’s another pic from a different angle.  I have three long purple pearls coming out of its mouth and other brown, cream, white, and purple pearls throughout the chain.









And here is a good look at the chain – copper and bronze with pearl accents.









And finally, here is what your bench looks like after you have played with pearls all day long.  Looks like Cap’t Jack Sparrow’s idea of a good day!

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