Bronze swirls!

Sometimes you want to polish your new bronze pieces until they shine, and occasionally they come out of the kiln with the most beautiful green, ochre, and cream colors.  These four square swirls came out with beautiful colors and I could not bring myself to do anything but give them several coats of  Nikilas spray laquer to keep the colors fresh.









2 thoughts on “Bronze swirls!

  1. Lovely colors!

    How do you fire your bronze? From an earlier post, I’m guessing you follow Hadar Jacobson’s recommended schedules (yes?), but what kind of kiln, container, carbon, etc.?

    1. I do use Hadar’s clay, and her firing schedule. I have had really good results using a firing box made from fire blanket. I’ll post a pic on my blog soon. The kiln is a paragon front loading kiln and I use coconut carbon that I buy from Rio. Make sure you let the clay dry really well. Even though I use a cup warmer to dry the pieces, I also let it set overnight as well. Glad you like the colors!

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