Elvis is in the building

I love my studio area.  We have special guests this weekend, so I haven’t had time to work in the studio, but I thought you guys might like to take a peek.

My guardian angel for my studio is a makeshift “Elvis angel” with stars that hang above my bench.  I made him a few years ago as a prank for a friend who had the perfect, and incredibly boring, Christmas tree.  I snuck him on the top and then just waited for her to realize that Elvis was in the building!

You can see why I love my space so much.  I spent a few wonderful hours this week taking on my first foldforming project.  A friend dropped off a piece of copper flashing for me last week.  I decided to use it to practice foldforming.  After several hours of very theraputic banging and hammering, this was the result:

I am really inspired by this technique.  It doesn’t hurt that the materials are available at the local  Home Depot.  I have already ordered the premier book on the topic, “Foldforming” by Charles Lewton-Brain.  I should be posting several new projects soon.

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