If you liked Mark’s Art Yesterday

Here’s a repeat of a very early post about Mark
I love being surrounded by other people’s art.  Making my own art is incredible, but I like to see other people enjoying it.  If you know me well, you know that my own personal jewelry is fairly simple and sometimes non-existent.    Thank goodness I have Linda’ s wonderful creations to snatch right out the kiln.  I am also lucky to  be surrounded by many talented friends.  The pictures below are prints that were done in the 70s by my weird, wonderful friend named Mark Welsh.  Markie is my idea of what a real grown up person should be, whimsical and childlike, working his way through his baggage like the rest of us, but understanding what most of us don’t — that life is the journey, not the destination.

The first picture is his 70s interpretation of what he would look like in his 50s, and he was remarkably correct.   The second might scare small children, but M.C. Escher would have stared at it for hours.   Click on the pics to enlarge — you want to see them up close. Enjoy.











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