This time last year

This time last year, we were dealing with the last in a long line of nasty winter storms.   The best part of being snowed in last March was building a fire and having hot chocolate outside with the dogs.

Taiga enjoying the fire.

Now this year, the peepers started early.  Last night, during a rerun of “Bones”, I tuned down the volume and was treated to the wonderful sounds of the tiny frogs starting to sing on the pond.  Soon, the migrating geese will be back to fill the night with  with their territorial chatter and occasional “dust up.”  Then the bullfrogs will start, and we will throw open the windows whenever possible.

We are following our usual winter pattern of starting major house projects in January.  It’s too soon to garden, and the holidays are over, so the siren song of tile and grout start to call.  This year, we redid the den and laid some beautiful tile.  Linda finally got her dream of having a mosaic on the floor, and we are installing that now.  She has had 3 kilns working full time for a week now making all the pieces.  Any old glass, broken up unsatisfactory projects, etc., became fodder for her imagination.

Some of the larger pieces laid out for selection
I had a hard time not pocketing some of these for jewelry projects.

Nothing is grouted yet, but here is a preview:

Hopefully we can  finish this week, then we start working on the bathroom.  (no – we are not abusing ritalin!)

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