Wood Duck season on the pond!

Here are Burton’s Pond, we are blessed with all kinds of wonderful wildlife.  Linda and I have a special liking for the blue tailed skinks, and we are rather fond of the corn snake that occasionally makes its way through Linda’s studio in search of a cool place under the house.  Few things are more beautiful than the wood ducks that live on our pond.

Male wood duck

Two of our neighbors have a total of six wood duck boxes on their properties, so we have more than ample opportunity to see these reclusive little buggers.  This is the time of year that the trees are shaking with the rather enthusiastic mating rituals.  Wood dd ucks are the only ducks to nest holes in trees, and they have special little duck “feet” that have the ability to climb up wood surfaces.  Linda and I were offered a free wood duck box by a generous neighbor, and we installed in on the side of a tree close to the edge of the pond.  I put some pine shavings in yesterday, and we are eagerly awaiting our first tenants.

Our newest rental property
It comes with a view.














If you want to build your own wood duck box, or just learn more about them, check out woodducksociety.com for more info.  National Geographic has a great video of some babies leaving the nest.  Click here  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWDXIhy9oJA

I can’t wait to have some baby ducks leaping from our new woodbox.

Can't wait!










2 thoughts on “Wood Duck season on the pond!

  1. Bring on the wood ducks! Hope you soon have fowl tenants. We need to schedule some pond-side time with you gals. Maybe around my birthday, 4/13? Be in touch, ladies.

  2. I had no idea about the wood ducks. How cool is that?
    I really need to come visit you. March is booked… but thinking ahead to spring…

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