Art Glass on every surface!

Earlier this month, I shared some pics of some wonderful glass cabachons that Linda was making for inclusion in our new tile floor.  Thirty days later, and multiple kiln firings later, the floor is done.    You could easily stare at this floor for hours and still find something new to see.  Like an old family quilt, some of the pieces were made by breaking apart earlier glass pieces that did not work out and fire polishing them to a smooth cabachon.  Many of the pieces were painstakenly made by  placing varied pieces of glass into a mesh in the kiln, and letting it melt into a wonderful marbled single piece, which was then broken apart and the separate pieces fire polished before selecting them for the floor.  I had such a hard time not pocketing them to use in jewelry!  Here are some pictures of the floor.  Enjoy.

The new floor really transformed the room!
I love the colors of glass that Linda selected.



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