Our Wood Duck babies have arrived!! With pics!

Our new wood duck box was a popular place this month.  We saw a female wood duck on top of the box less than a day after the box was filled with wood shavings.  I’ve been watching carefully for the little chicklets to make their appearance, and finally succeeded in catching the first babe trying to leave the nest.

The little one has just made the climb up the inside of the wood box and is ready to make the leap to the ground to join her mother. Thank goodness she is so soft and fluffy!












Not to be left behind, her brother and sister chicks are waiting on the top of the wood box ready to take leap into the marshy area below the tree.

They are so close, it is almost as if they are stuck together!











The little ones have made the leap and are ready to meet their mom and dad on the pond.  Opps, looks like some type of preditor may have already eaten one of the babies.

First there were five.
And then there were four. I hope he was delicious.




















And the babies make their way to the through the marsh water into Burton’s Pond.

They float like they were made of something fluffy!











After they were gone, I cleaned out the wood duck box to make space for a new family.  I found the shell they broke out of.  I think I’ll save it.

Such a colorful shell!

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