Sea Glass finds

I made two pairs of earrings for a neighbor recently.  A wonderful woman who wanted to give them to her sister for Easter.  When I stopped by her house this week, she rewarded me for my efforts with a huge bowl filled with all the beach glass she had collected over the years.  Given the current price of silver (outrageous!), I was looking for a new medium to experiment with.  One day later and thirty pendants later – I’m hooked.  I love the texture and matte finish of sea glass.  I enjoy staring at a piece and feeling the edges to decide just how to wrap a wire around it.  I will experiment with some fine silver bezel wire to see how I like that look as well.  For now, here are some pics of my day yesterday — in between mowing and planting lots of tomato plants and brussel sprouts.

I immediately spread all the glass out on the kitchen table to "play"
Wonderful colors
First attempts
Ready for a show. Notice Linda's new glass pendants on top.

The bald eagle who shared my day.

One thought on “Sea Glass finds

  1. Ahhh yes, I’m the sister that was gifted the lovely earrings! They are so wonderful in every way.
    and…to top it off…Puddleduck (see duck story) just loves to play with them when I wear them!

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