A Royal Wedding on the Pond

   Occasionally, life here on the pond can get interesting.  Usually “interesting” involves a snake wrapped around the base of a living room chair, or the occasional “spit-0ff” between neighbors.  But today, interesting meant gathering with neighbors to watch a replay of the royal wedding while wearing the most outrageous hats a glue gun, feathers and red tulle can create.  All guests were required to bring a traditional English dish, so brown was the color of the day in that category.  Who knew there were so many dishes using mashed potatoes?  Who knew there were that many potatoes.  I was going to bring Indian food and weak Starbucks coffee, since that was all I had the last time I was in London.  Well anyway.  Enjoy the pictures of the most outrageous of the outrageous!

Miss Jane just could not wear those painful pumps!
Linda and Me. Note the royal wave.
Our host!
There are just no words...
You can take the boy out of the country...
Fish and Chips???

Best wishes to the happy couple!

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