A Day of Art in DC

This morning started at 4am when we stumbled (literally – you should see  my side of the bed) out of the bedroom, showered, made coffee and were on the road by 4:30.  The sun was barely up when we made it across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on the way to Linda’s HIV conference.  I got to spend a delicious, if slightly wet, day wondering around DC.

A new family takes a peak at the first family. I had to get this two dad pic!

My favorite view of the day was seeing all the protesters with very different positions all having their say on the street outside of the White House.  One guy was chanting something in arabic while using some type of  very strange sign language, there was a glowering peace protester (she did not look very peaceful), and a tea party wack-a-doodle.

I took a stroll to the National Gallery of Women in the Arts.   The museum is definately worth a trip, especially for the sculpture.


The most amazing thing to happen was just as I was leaving the museum.  I noticed a small unadvertised show in a separate room – the Tiffany jewelry

of Paloma Picasso!  You can see the final pieces, plus the initial drawings she made.  Fascinating use of large stones and color.

Paloma in her signature piece made with barely cut stones.

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