Puddleduck arrives (honestly – no Peeps were harmed in the making of this post)

Honest  – I swear – these are the real pics.  My lovely neighbor Jane has five wood duck boxes on her pond bank, and a bird cam in one of them with  a direct feed to her living room TV  (just a tab obsessed?).  Jane has been known to leap from her back deck into the muck of the pond in a single bound when she spots a snake head on the cam or, Goddess forbid, a raccoon.  Despite her best Rambo (on meth) attempts, most of the eggs from one her nests became snacks for the critters.  Eventually the Mom deserted the nest and, after waiting for many hours, Jane paddled out and brought back the two remaining eggs.  Her brooder was prepared for just such an occasion.  Neighbors were all called and we visited frequently to hear the faint cheeps inside the eggs and feel the persistent pecking of the two remaining eggos.  One never made it, but the remaining little trooper pecked his way into this world yesterday.  It was amazing how quickly he became strong and active.  Remember, wood ducks leave the nest on the 2nd day after they have hatched!  Jane did not take my advice and name the little one Pecker, but instead chose Puddleduck.  (I then suggested she change her dog’s name to Piddledog, but I also got a negative response to that suggestion!)

Here are the pics, and a short video.  Enjoy this salute to all who mother God’s critters.

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