Busy Days on the Pond

I love summer on the pond.  House guests seem to love visiting our “Redneck Riviera” during the summer season.  On any given weekend, our house is filled with friends, children, occasionally an 11 month old Newfoundland named Oscar and his “brother” – an affectionate former barn kitten named Bishop, and even this past weekend an 8 week old portugese water dog — appropriately named Minnow.  Days are spent birdwatching from the pool.  Today it was egrets (3), but we also have kingfishers, herons of all types, goldfinches and nuthatches, and every type of woodpecker seen in delaware.  Our greatest discovery this year is the fact that we seem to be a hub for hummingbirds.  Our feeder is busy throughout the day, and there are epic battles among the tiny little warriors.  Float on your back for long in the pool, and you will see a hummingbird sortie in the trees above your head.

Barking Dog Gallery has had several very successful shows  this summer, with the most successful being the Delaware By Hand  Craft Show in Lewes.  The fall lineup of shows includes the Bethany Beach Arts Festival (September 10th),  Delaware Pride Festival (Sept. 17th), the Lewes Historical Society Craft Fair (October 1st),

and  the Baywood Arts and Crafts festival (Oct. 18th).  Plus the Etsy store really starts heating up in the months before, dare I say it, Christmas.

In addition to craft show and house guests, I have also started teaching a few basic jewelry making classes at the local crafts store.  It is a great way to network for Barking Dog Gallery, and also to meet potential students for upcoming PMC and metalsmithing classes here at the Redneck Riviera.

So basically, we couldn’t be happier here right now.  Between the dog drool creating magnificent abstract art on all our sliding glass doors, and the large bottles of wine our guests always bring and manage to leave behind — life is good.

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