A Season of Shows

September and October are a busy season for artists.  Fall art shows are among my favorites – cool weather and early Christmas shoppers – the best of both worlds.  This season started out with Delaware Pride fest at Gordon’s Pond in Rehoboth Beach.  Okay – the festival was a total wash-out, literally, but I did get a few wonderful pics of some very photogenic drag queens before the stores descended on us.  I wish I had these ladies’ fashion sense!

Pretty in Pink
Ain't love grand?























After the showers of Pride Fest, I did not hold out much hope for our first time at the Manayunk Eco-Arts Festival.  We had spent the week before the festival drying out the booth and contents, and were not looking forward to another day of growing moldy and grumpy.  Despite the dire predictions, Manayunk was wonderful, as evidenced by the broad smile on Fletcher’s face.

Notice the special show jewelry













We had a great weekend, and sales were better than anticipated, but the best part was getting to see all the Philly area  friends who stopped by says hello.  Of course, the evening seating at the local restaurants after the Sat. show closed was also great.

Evening on main.


You may have noticed that we’ve done some redecorating of our booth.  Since we are just starting on the art show circuit, I learned quickly how to decorate on the cheap.  I painted our Barking Dog Gallery sign myself, on a canvas drop cloth from the “Depot”,  put a piece of copper pipe through the top, and twisted some smaller pipe to make the finials on the ends.  The frames displays were painted black, with green trim to match our logo, the easels came from the local Home Goods store.  The risers on the table are upturned metal planted boxes – again from Home goods.  You don’t need expensive supplies if you just keep an eye out when shopping for potential display uses.  A decorative book/box now houses our wire-wrapped sea glass for browsing.   One thing you should not try to do cheaply, especially if you intend to do indoor shows, is tablecloths.  Most indoor shows require you to provide a certificate demonstrating that you tablecloths are fireproof, so choose your cloths carefully.  A $15  remnant from a carpet store makes the whole display look much more inviting — and can be washed down with a hose when the dirt begins to look a bit too much like a bad abstract painting.  Here are some pics of our new booth.  Let me know what you think!












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