Bluegrass and Craft Fairs – Perfect Together

Last week was the Lewes Historical Society Arts and Craft Fair.  An end of the row spot between the food and the bluegrass music — what could be better.

Early morning visitors
Our musical entertainers

I spent a wonderful sunny fall day surrounded by incredible music.  Sales were good, and there was a lot of interest in my painted windows.  I had just sold another at the Manayunk show a few weeks ago, and now this one:

Swirly Cat and Crow painting

During the show, a lovely young American Eskimo dog and her caretaker came over and her caretaker asked if I could do another similar window, but with the lovely dog’s image instead of the somewhat swirly cat.

This is the result:

Somehow, the dog did not need the "swirls"

Now I am off to deliver the new painting to its new family.  Yet another show this weekend at the Baywood Art and Craft fest on Route 24 a mere 2 miles from our home.  Come out early – we have limited hours (9-1 only).  Lots of wonderful local Delaware Crafts!  Christmas (shudder!!!!!) is just around the corner.

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