The Wearing of the Plaid – On Black Friday!

You may or may not have seen this sign.   I am just learning about this movement, but I am already in love with it. Celebrate Plaid Friday this year! In an all-out rejection of the “785 inch LCD wireless TV and food processer” non-local mall shopping that sends wads of cash outside of local creative people in your community. Spend this friday closer to home, patronzing local stores or even better, local artists, for your holiday shopping. Wear your favorite plaid shirt and hit the neighborhood bookstore, favorite town restaurants, and businesses that offer gift cards and put tax dollars right back into our community.

I can’t be the only one out there who thinks the only secure economy means a more local-based system. So why not embrace that in style? And for those of you unable to get out and shop at all (because of the weather or your own inability to miss “The View”) support independent businesses online!   Join the hottest growing social movement in the country, and celebrate independence, individuality, and creativity.  Join a growing effort to reclaim the spirit of holidays, and of community.

And just for funzies, if you are shopping online try this — go to  and put the word “weird” in the search.  You gotta love the creative spirit!

This was the only cat toy I could show. The others were "somewhat" reminiscent of the male anatomy.


OK - I confess -- I already own this one!
It's vegan!
The selection of knitted beards is amazing.
Did you really expect me not to plug my own items? Check out Barking Dog Gallery on



Shop often and handmade!

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