The right tool for the right job

If you read this blog, then you already know that I am a self-described tool whore.  Forget a closet full of shoes, I’d rather spend the money on the latest texturing hammer or a new dappling clock.  Imagine my excitement when I discovered a newly purchased tool could have a dual use — to trim clay and to slice my homemade almond swirl Christmas cookies.

Today was “cookie making” day on the pond.  I made candy canes, flowers, and finally gave up and used the rest of the dough to make red, green, and white swirls.  I tried slicing the dough with a knife, and was very frustrated with how distorted the swirls became.  Then I remembered that I had splurged on some new pottery tools at The Ceramic Shop during our trip to Philly last week.

I found the tools still in the bag on the high shelf where I had hidden from our new Lab in the faint hope of saving them from disappearing into the yard like all of my wooden spoons, most of our dish towels, and several bunches of bananas.  The wire on the aluminum clay trimmer was perfect for slicing my holiday cookies.

Now my cookies for the holidays are done, and in the freezer until the Christmas party begins.  I have a week of cleaning furiously, and several people are scheduled to come by the studio for some custom jewelry for the holidays.  Oh – and I have to clean the cookie dough off my pottery tools… 

One thought on “The right tool for the right job

  1. Bravo!!! YOu know you’re not supposed to tell people that the cookies they are eating were sliced with the same too you use for clay….you do it and keep it quiet. However, you are a genious to discover the “crossover” ability of machine tools to kitchen and vice versa.

    I, too, am a tool junkie…ask anyone that’s taken a sewing class from me. My sister on the other hand, she has and needs only one tool in her ice cream scoop..she can do anything with an ice cream scoop. Can you believe we are related???

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