Barking Dogs Spooning

I couldn’t resist sharing pics of our Golden, Taiga and our newest, Fletcher.  Everyone asks where I got the name Barking Dog Gallery, and although I don’t remember exactly, I can only assume that the exact moment years ago when I was choosing a domain name coincided with the doorbell ringing and all hell broke loose.  Those of you with dogs will understand.

Taiga and Fletcher's morning

We have been doing all the usual holiday chores —  the semiannual attempt to clean the dog smell from the remaining carpets in our house, the Christmas longhaired cat shaving .  What?  You don’t shave your cats for the holidays?  You really should try it.  Not only does it keep them from getting mats if you have a cat who can’t be brushed regularly, but it pisses them off so much they don’t come downstairs and climb the Christmas Tree.

"Don't even think about coming at me with that shaver again!"

I have had several people stop by to choose some handmade gifts.  I love it when people can spend time with me in the studio picking out just the right piece.  I can size the necklace, or substitute a different chain, so that everyone gets exactly what they need. And they get to visit with a slightly angry shaved cat!  I will be offering free shipping in the Etsy shop through December 20th.  After that I will do next day shipping for a reduced price for those people who really like to wait till the last minute.

My latest - Not even in the Etsy shop yet.

One thought on “Barking Dogs Spooning

  1. I think it should have been called “Barking Dog, Hissing Cat, Screaming Parrot Gallery”. More reflective of the state of the studios!

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