The Project Empress is back – almost!

To those of you who know me, you know that “Project Queen” is not exactly my correct title.  I prefer to be referred to as “Her Royal Highness, the Project Empress”.   Since early January, we have been busy renovating our kitchen, removing walls, installing a fireplace and looking out at Burton’s Pond in wonder through our newly installed bank of wonderful bird viewing windows.  With the help of the ever faithful Aaron Rogers, our  contractor, and a lot of our own personal glistening sweat – we have almost emerged from this winter ritual.  Pictures will be arriving as soon as we can decide on a fireplace surround.  For the last two days, I was able to spend some quality time in my studio working with copper.  Those pieces are in the kiln, and awaiting the final finishing.  I did, however, finish a piece I have had components for for some time.  The piece below is in fine silver, with one of Holly Gage’s wonderful titanium focal pieces.  I love making window framed pieces, but Holly taught be the importance of taking your time and doing multiple firings.  She also re-introduced me to the wonder of Oil Paste for connecting already fired pieces.  (You can order this directly from Rio Grande or from Tonya at

Here’s the final pic of the necklace, with the titanium element and some matching pearls I found in my stash.  It will be in the Etsy shop this afternoon.

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