Corning Museum of Glass is Awsome!

If you don’t know by now, the answer to yesterday’s riddle was the Corning Museum of Glass.  Congrats to the winner, Anne Marie Rhine.

Next time you pass through upstate New York, you should take a day or two to visit Corning.  You are met in the entrance to the Museum by that wonderful Chihuly glass sculpture, which is just the beginning of the amazingand inspiring  creations.  Like us, you will need more than one day to see everything.  Unlike Linda, I don’t work in glass, but I was still overwhelmed by the beauty of each piece and the skill that went into this art.

Since we only had one day, we opted for the modern wing and the library, and we were not disappointed.  How one medium can lend itself to so many different techniques and results amazes me.  The library definitely  requires a second revisit – even for the non-glass artist –  with books on the history of American Craft, Jewelry making,  and even Beading.  And most important for me and my “buds” —  they have  every PMC book and magazine published.

So next time you have a long weekend, head north.   Stand under the cold water of the waterfalls at Havana Glen.  Eat at Moosewood Restaurant in Ithica.  Take a wine tour around Seneca Lake.  Just don’t forget to visit CMOG.

Enjoy a slideshow of our weekend:

One thought on “Corning Museum of Glass is Awsome!

  1. I am too late to guess; we just visited the Dallas Arboretum & the Chihuly glass exhibit; my son is in Corning this wk working at the company, and this will be the 2nd glass project he will make & bring home to me. I immediately recognized Chihuly’s work and the Corning museum was my guess too LOL! BTW the hailstorm last month damaged a few of the installations, but it was minor. Unbelievable since the hail was softball size.

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