Anyone need some extra teeth?

Now you all know that I am all about recycling and reusing.   I can find a use for just about anything — old wood pallets, tin cans, beer bottles.  But even I am stumped about what to do with about 2 to 3 hundred (yes – hundred) extra teeth.

You see, a few days ago, a good friend decided to clear out her old work area.  Before retirement, she had a full dental lab.  I struck real jewelry making” gold” when she decided to get rid of a small kiln, a great air cleaner, a polishing lathe, a magnifying light and even a tabletop sand blaster!  My little old organized   librarian heart went pitter-pat when I saw she was also getting rid of three multi-drawer organizers.  Of course, first I had to get rid of the false teeth that were carefully arranged inside each of the many drawers!

Anyone need a good molar or bicuspid?


What is an ecologically minded metalsmith to do with all these ceramic molars?  Not only does it go against the grain to throw them out, but what if my garbage man takes a closer look and decides that all I need is a clown suit to complete the profile of a raving serial killer?  These teeth don’t compost and burying them isn’t an option with three dogs.  I can just see one of my neighbors walking across the lawn and discovering a small pile of slightly dirty human incisors of various sizes.  Kinda gives you a bad rep in the neighborhood.

Don’t anyone dare suggest that I should make them into a necklace — that is just not my style.  I guess could sprinkle them on the table for a Halloween Party, but god forbid someone mistakes them for candy. The do have holes drilled into the bottom for mounting as crowns – maybe I could pass them off as freshwater half drilled pearls!   Offering them free on Craigslist is also an option, but do I really want a stranger who is mysteriously interested in 2 to 3 hundred teeth coming to my house to claim them.

There seems to be no solution to this problem.  I guess I’ll just  have to put them all in a decorative basket, put the basket at children’s height with a  “3 for a dollar” sign on it, and put it out at my next show this weekend.  I’ll tell the kids they can make a killing reselling them to the Tooth Fairy.

Any better suggestions?


9 thoughts on “Anyone need some extra teeth?

  1. In undergrad metal-smithing, a girl in my class made a brooch of metal teeth that had fake braces on them mounted on a wire so they slid from one side to the other. I was awesome and initiated a discussion of those who had had extensive dental work done as teens and how many of us still had tooth nightmares…My 10 year old has knocked her 4 front teeth loose/broken them twice already and had extensive surgery already…I’d give some to her as a joke to keep around as spares. Trust me, there’s a market of weirdos like me and that old classmate of mine!

  2. Maybe you could donate these teeth to a Museum i am sure they would put them to good use when they are replicating animals as well it would be doing a service to the community – Good Luck

  3. When I was a young teacher I was very big on teaching children the correct way of cleaning their teeth. With most of us unless we know, it comes naturally to scrub the teeth across.
    As we know a tooth has five surface areas to clean and having a set of false teeth as a teaching aid was something I always thought would be a good idea.
    I don’t know why dentists don’t have a big false set to demonstrate to children about each tooth needing the toothbrush to get to those five surface areas.
    Maybe is will give you an idea.

  4. We love everything strange and unusual so if you were to decide to sell them please let us know! They would be a great edition to our collection! We already have some real teeth that have been carved into skulls.

  5. I’d love to have them! If you want to get money for them, you could auction them off on eBay (you can’t sell human parts on eBay, but you could sell false teeth). There are DEFINITELY art jewelers out there who would give their eye teeth to have these! I’ve been an eBay bronze powerseller for 12 years and would be happy to sell them for you and split the profits if you’re interested. I’m currently cutting a lot of FOSSIL walrus and mammoth ivory (which I sell in my Etsy store as ALL ivory sales are prohibited on eBay, even though it’s legal). Anyhow, imitation human ivory is right up my alley! Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth….

    Regards, David at DVHdesigns

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