Change is good – No really, I swear!

I love working in metal.  If I’m having a bad day, I can bang on some wire, or — even better — torch some fine silver until it balls up into a perfect little red ball.  I also love working in pastels.  Pastels are like finger painting for adults — at least the way I use them it is.  But ever since watching a good friend paint a watercolor of our backyard during the First Annual Redneck Riviera Women’s Art Retreat, I have been more than a little curious.   I have a very distinct memory from childhood of getting a special coloring book that only required the use of  plain water and a paint brush (I guess the cartoon on the paper was already coated with a thin layer of watercolor).  That was magic.

I have taken classes in watercolor technique, but somehow it never interested me.   That is, until the recent Art Retreat.  I have been doing some small works lately that seem to satisfy some compulsions I have kept secret from all but the closest of my friends — the need to put borders around everything I draw, and the need to actually draw the lines that life requires us to color within.

Here is a short example of a recent work – I call it “The Redneck Redbird”

I like my birds a little chunky.

A few more lines with a smaller tipped pen, and I was ready to color:

“Redneck Redbird”

I like this one so much, I even set up the photo lab and took one final pic.  Hope you like the result.

One thought on “Change is good – No really, I swear!

  1. I love this little guy! The simplicity of it is quite appealing. I agree that taking a break is a great thing. Give your ming a rest, or just make some room for other creative adventures. Good luck!

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