Chrismas Copper!

I’ve been experimenting more and more with copper as a medium.  I love to shine it up, texture it, hit it with a torch to see the unique colors that come out.  Even better, copper gets the best patinas when exposed to ammonia or when you use a product such as Gilder’s Paste.

Just some of the colors of Gilder’s Paste

My most recent pieces have a unique combination of finishes, from the shiniest copper, to green and even lilac patinas.

The Gilder’s Paste has to dry first, but then you can shine it up with a soft cloth.
Dawn’s gorgeous work!

 I haven’t even started on the wonderful finishes you can get with enamels.  My friend, Dawn Piero, does some amazing work with enamels.  I love her style.

3 thoughts on “Chrismas Copper!

  1. Nice work! I’ve been working with copper since 2006. It was an inexpensive medium for my students and it turned out to be a happy discovery. It’s soft, easy, and if you blow through a coil of it, it’s penny’s on the dollar. A good learning medium. The other thing we discovered is that just about any color goes with it.

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