The Cleanin’ o’ the Vans

Aye – Tis that time of year.  The time of year when artisans and crafters everywhere finally get to use their van to transport family and friends – not boxes, tables, displays, and (God help us all) concrete tent weights.  No more will we look away in shame when someone asks, “Who is driving?”.  We gleefully say goodbye to yet another season of selling, and clean up our studio and nestle in for a long winter next to our nice warm kiln and torches.  We finally get to visit the local car wash, and utter those wonderful words, “Give me a classic wash, and there’s a little extra in it for you if you vacuum the trunk.” .

For the next few months, people will come to us.  We’ve scheduled classes, enticing potential students in with promises of wine, cheese, and wirewrapping lessons.

 Of course, by April, our displays will be bursting with newly made jewelry, and our carefully hoarded stash of cash will be pitifully low, so we will once again dust off the tables, risk a C6-7 herniation  to reload those tent weights into our  sadly misnamed Mommy Vans, and wander the countryside once more in search of “our public.”  But for now, I am enjoying figuring out how to get three tables of jewelry onto one bookshelf in my studio, and petting the dog nestled under my feet.


I feel like some ancient Dragon, hoarding all my jewels in my cave for the winter!

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