In Rehoboth Beach, memorial honors shooting victims

I’m very proud of our little town today.

The Cape Gazette printed this story today :

“Two Rehoboth Beach brothers expressed their feelings by creating a memorial of Christmas greens that stands along the Boardwalk. As if by magic, 20 memorial wreaths and six evergreen crosses appeared late Dec. 18 near the Bandstand.

The memorial is a tribute to the 20 children and six adults murdered Dec. 14 at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Below each wreath is the name of a child who died, and tied to each wreath is a Christmas stocking containing their name. Six crosses – three on each side – bear the names of the slain adults to complete the memorial.

Brothers Donald and Damian Richard coordinated the project with help from Joe and Heidi Fuller. The brothers constructed the memorial Tuesday night. “We were hoping we would not get in trouble from the city, but we wanted to do something good,” Damian said. “We felt in our heart that we had to do something.”

His brother and Joe Fuller both work for the City of Rehoboth Beach and help decorate the town each Christmas season. “We really didn’t think it would be a problem,” Damian said.

And it wasn’t.

The brothers said they hoped people would stop for a few moments, view the memorial and take time to reflect and perhaps say a prayer. “We are trying to bring Connecticut a little closer to us,” Damian said. “We can’t imagine what those families are going through, especially so close to Christmas.”

He said he hoped the memorial would stay up until at least after the holiday season.

Thanks to the Cape Gazette for these wonderful pics.

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