Out With the Old, In With the … Old.

Do you have a few pieces in your inventory that have been around a while?  Maybe they are even pieces you  made early in your career, that you really like but have somehow never caught the eye of a potential customer?  I have a few of those too. And as I told everyone, my New Year’s resolution is to remake those pieces in unique ways.  My first project for the year 2013was this older piece.  I liked the basic design, a plain tube with purple and white pearls dangling from sterling chains.

DSCF2950     The problem was that no one else shared my opinion.  They liked the movement of the piece, and the color of the pearls, but the tube itself probably looked a little  — well — boring.

I decided for my first effort at remaking should be fairly simple, so I chose to add some fine silver leaves to the tube to add some character.  I took the piece apart, refired the tube, and remade and hung the piece.

You can also see that my photographic skills have improved from when I started!  Here’s the new and improved version.

DSCF1481 I’ve committed to remaking or reusing my own collection of “orphan” pieces every day during the month of January.  I know I’m a little ahead of myself, but I couldn’t resist starting early.

3 thoughts on “Out With the Old, In With the … Old.

  1. I love the redone piece. I have done a few pieces over too. I had a show in early December and found I could touch up and change out colors to make them pop.

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