Anyone have one of these on their bench?

This recycled and reused post is dedicated to the biggest waste of Precious Metal Clay out there – the Certification Course!  Don’t think that I don’t recommend that newbies take the course, or that it has not paid for itself in discounts to Rio Grande, but dang – you use up a lot of clay on fugly projects.  I was in the class that had to create a silver pen in order to be certified.  A pen!  Then – to teach us construction and polishing techniques, we had to make the huge triangle – remember those.   As jewelry, I can only hope to sell it at a Star Trek convention as some type of odd communication device that can be attached to your clothing.  I think the current classes are a little more reasonable and participants make more usable pieced – but not then.

Today’s recycled piece was one of my favorite pieces from the class, but I never quite figured out how to turn it into jewelry.  We learned to carve the clay in its greenware state, and played with Liver of Sulfur as a patina – the result was pretty but required some wirewrapping skills to complete.  I’m glad to finally have this piece as part of my collection, and not languishing on my bench.

BTW – I think I should get extra points for posting on New Year’s morning!  Happy New Year to everyone out there.  Start the New Year right and make something wonderful that is just outside your comfort zone.

3 thoughts on “Anyone have one of these on their bench?

  1. My husband is a Trekkie. He would have LOVED it!
    I think you are very funny and I am glad I got the chance to read this because of our connection on LinkedIn. best wishes, jean yates

  2. I did a big clean. I took all of those pieces which were often heavy to be recycled for cash. Many were back from the days of standard clay. It was good to have them gone and my work area cleared out of bad ideas, failed pieces and pieces that just done fit into my line of work now.

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