Just a Little Change, But Wow.

Okay – this is is a perfect example of why you should spend time reading other people’s blogs.  Yesterday, I shared a blog entry from a blogger known as The Cerebral Dilettante.  I took my own suggestion and spent some time really looking at her pieces up close.

Notice how her wire-wrapping is not just decorative.  It is important to the structure of this piece.
Notice how her wire-wrapping is not just decorative. It is important to the structure of this piece.

I noticed how she wrapped wire around only a portion of a copper washer to add an accent and how she connected her silk cords.  I also noticed that she also had a top drilled round bead that she had difficulty deciding how to use.

In it’s original form, this small focal is far from perfect. Bad wirework, oversized purple beads — and more than a little boring.

I had a similar bead in silver on my bench waiting to be part of this months recycling challenge.  I used a few of the “Dilettante’s”  ideas (simplified quite a bit since my focal pieces was much smaller) and reworked my piece.

I think the resulting piece is much better than my original.  What do you think?

Reworked. Smaller silver beads, contrasting copper, and three years more experience wire wrapping!

13 thoughts on “Just a Little Change, But Wow.

  1. Great use of observation! I think there’s nothing wrong with ‘copying’ when it comes to technique. There are times when the work of another artist will spark an ‘aha’ moment in our own practice. In this case, her wire working method inspired you to re think your allegedly simple pendant, thereby transforming it into a piece that is much more interesting and attractive. Well done!

  2. The attachment to the arc gives the focal more visual weight and the metal contrast gives it pop (and makes it more versatile). Nice job. I love the bar added at the top of the arch (so the piece can move). I’m sure that makes it lay better.

  3. I find that simple is so much nicer. The thing i REALLY like about this is how you melted the copper into a ball at the end and then flattened it. This is two fold, drawing the eye down to the bead and elegantly making a way so the wrapped wire would not slide off. Bravo

  4. Very nice adjustment. It looks great!
    I have a “rework” box. As I make progress in my skill and technique, I go through my inventory and take out the items that I once thought were wonderful and toss them into the box. You made me want to open the box and rework a few.

  5. Not “copying” but “inspired by” other’s work is what makes life so interesting. I love the redo with a variety of metals. I’m really enjoyed the popularity of mixed metals, as I believe it makes the jewelry more wearable and mixable. As a jewelry maker, I consider it a compliment if someone sees one of my pieces and is inspired to do their own version of it. Thanks for sharing – okay if I copy??

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