Sorry for the title, but my choir just got done with our Winter concert and the theme was — wait for it — Broadway tunes!  But back to the  theme of the month’s blog – setting stones in bezels.  I promised myself that today would be solely dedicated to cleaning up the studio and getting the taxes done, but jewelry does sometimes just jump off the bench and into your hands.

Today, this shell fragment attacked me while I was cleaning up.  My monkey mind immediately notices that the bottom was uneven and I just had to see how easy it would be to sand it down flat – super easy with a  600 grain.  After it was even, I noticed that it was the perfect height for my fine silver bezel wire.  Who knew!  I cut and soldered the bezel, then used my metal cutters to cut out the copper  back piece.  Some hammering was just the break I needed from all the cleaning I was doing.

A little drilling, a little more soldering, and since my torch was already out, I may as well ball up some copper wire to connect it to a spare piece of copper piping I just happened to run into while putting away some jump rings.  Before I knew it – it was done.  The bezel is not as perfect as the great and wise Holly Gage taught me to do, but the shell was pretty unusually shaped.   I even found a spare piece of copper with a fish bone on it in my “recycle” pile – perfect.

Here’s the pic – not a great one, but I just took it on my kitchen counter in a rush of excitement.

And I actually did get my studio cleaned up!
And I actually did get my studio cleaned up!


  1. I make beaded bezels and just got a large piece of sea glass encased with beads. It is a payment for a batch of sea glass given to me by a friend of a coworker. Anyway, I love the organic look of this piece with a shell – one of my personal favorites for focals since I live close to some amazing beaches.

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