Wanna loose a week of your life?

So sorry that it has been so long since I have written.  A few medical problems that are now resolved in my favor.  My time was not wasted, since I gathered up all my watercolor paper, a few black pens and some paint, and went to town in my living room while recovering.  Here is a sampling of some of my pieces from the event I have now named the ” Watercolor Festival of Recovery”.  Some are my original images, and others are learning copies of other artist’s work.


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Medical problems do tend to slow down your artistic growth, but I recommend being limber enough to switch to another medium when you need to.  I could not wield a hammer or use a saw for a while, and watercolor was a very fun alternative.

During the course of playing with my new medium, I discovered an addiction far worse than mexican chocolate with hot peppers, and even slightly more expensive.  If you do not want to loose a week (minimum) of you life, then stop reading right now.  Go turn on the TV and catch up on Dancing with the Stars — anything — because if you continue to read, I cannot be responsible for the next week of your life.  If, however, you want to learn about other mediums without the expense of taking weekend long classes, meeting new and occasionally not very interesting people, and sleeping in bed and breakfasts where the amount of lace is the hallmark of taste, then this website is perfect for you.



     This wonderful website lets you watch great tutorials, but even more importantly, it lets you PREVIEW tutorials.  I guarantee you will  spend hours and hours watching  just the previews.  You can learn so much before investing the relatively minimal amount in the actual costs of the workshop.  I’ve spent a lot more money on weekend workshops or extensive classes where I have a bad view of the instructor, and get less instructional time than these $16 videos!  I’m not making any money from this recommendation – although I could use some now that I have watched the previews and chosen what I want to actually watch.

Margaret Evans Ink and Watercolor workshop.

My choice?  Anything by Margaret Evans, an artist from Perth.  She works in both pastels and watercolors, and she has some great videos about pen and ink with watercolor washes.  I actually considered taking one of her weekend workshops, but never got around to it.  Now she and I can spend hours and hours together…


4 thoughts on “Wanna loose a week of your life?

  1. Hey Donna, So good to hear you are feeling better! I love your water colors. I haven’t looked at the classes you sent, I’m not really very artistic but I have always wished I had been blessed with the ability to draw and make gorgeous things. As a substitute, I am quite “crafty” and that’s as good as it gets to I accept that. Artists networ myst be a lot like Craftsy classes which are catching on like gangbusters for all the reasons you mention. The ability to have an instructor right in the privacy or your workshop with your equipment, no traveling expense and to rewatch what you like is wonderful. The Woodies are down at Jane’s house…have they been up to see you? I hope you get some little one’s this year. There has to be a population explosion on the pond from all the ones Jane has had hatch. The “Penthouse” duck box now has a squirrel living in it and he thinks its the best thing going…a warm safe house with a roof! How will we ever kick him out when it warms up? Hugs to you and hi to Linda and all your critters, Kathie Brownlee Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2013 17:09:28 +0000 To: itssewnice@hotmail.com

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