Tiny Change – Big Result

So yesterday I finally tackled that piece of driftwood I picked up this spring while looking for seaglass.  It took hours just to knock most of the sand out of all the wormholes.  I eventually got the the fun part – figuring out how big to make the tushy on a mermaid!  In the end (forgive the pun)  I cheated and had her tukhas finish up off the edge of the wood.

When she was finally finished, I did what I usually do and set her in the kitchen to look at her for a while.  I decided I liked everything about her but her face.  I just had not taken the time to do a face I really liked.  So today, I spent some time redoing the face and I think the difference in the two versions is actually pretty startling.   Let me know what you think.

Before – Not so much…


After – much sexier!


I’m thinking I should connect the eyebrows and go for a Frida Kahlo/mermaid look?  Or not.  Anyway – look for this newest creation, along with all the lovely Barking Dog Gallery jewelry, for sale this weekend at the Spring Delaware by Hand Craft show at the Zwannandal Museum gardens in Lewes.  Amazing Delaware craftspeople and artists will be there so come on out!

7 thoughts on “Tiny Change – Big Result

  1. Love it!!!! Is it for sale? Let me know. I like the 2nd face a lot–dreamier. I wouldn’t connect the eyebrows. It’s perfect the way it is.

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