Esme the Cat

“You know you are getting old when it takes too much effort to procrastinate.” ~Author Unknown

I’ve been putting off completing (okay – starting) a commission I took long ago.  I finally gave myself a deadline, and actually told the client what it was.  Then I was stuck – I had to do it.  I had a lovely pic of Esme the cat taken by her owner, a highly experience photographer and journalist, so I had a great place to start.

DSC_7207 Esme, The New York Times Wyncote, Pennsylvania, USA
Esme – Carefully perched on a copy of the New York Times.



I then rounded up my pastels, and went to work.  Here is the work in progress, along with the final result.  Now I just have to deliver it to Philly – maybe next weekend, or the one after that…

Do you have a good story of procrastination, or of conquering the procrastination devil?  Leave us a comment and share.


During ………During ……… Completed!

3 thoughts on “Esme the Cat

  1. I am a die hard procrastinator so I dont have any good tips on how to avoid it… lol But I do know my best work comes outta waiting til the last minute.. Love the pastel of Esme.

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