Sitting in a River on a very hot day!

We spent a wonderful few days at Virginia’s Shenandoah River State Park recently.  We chose this park because it did not have a waterslide or mini-golf, or any special activities for children.  Not because we dislike children, mind you, but because we dislike children who need “activities” scheduled for them when they are in the middle of Virginia’s rolling hills within 100 feet of the Shenandoah River.  This wonderful park was filled with lots of wonderful people who just want to be able to float down a river on the Fourth of July.and build a campfire for kicks.

We arrived, fully prepared for our satellite TV usage to be limited to two channels, one of which — by the way —  played back to back episodes of Montel, but I was not quite so prepared to have an unusable Verizon cell phone.  Of course two women who manage to pack a weeks worth of food for a weekend might be surprised to find that something so simple as Air Conditioning should probably be double-checked before leaving home too.

Not to worry, when you camp beside a river, you have the best cooling system Mother Nature can provide.  We plopped our dogs and backsides into the river and had some very lovely vaca time together.  Enjoy a few pics below.  There’s not much that can compare to our lovely Redneck Riviera, but this was damn close:


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