About BDG

Donna Whiteside

The paintings and jewelry in Barking Dog Gallery were designed and created by Donna Whiteside, co-owner of

"Red" Barn by Donna Whiteside
“Red” Barn by Donna Whiteside

Barking Dog Gallery. All jewelry is made with either fine silver (.999 silver), bronze, or copper with the metals themselves mostly recovered and recycled from various photographic or industrial processes. This handcrafted wearable art is both textural and organic. A talented portrait and landscape painter, Donna works both digitally and in pastels. Limited edition giclees are availble for purchase. Original commissions are accepted.

Linda Dean

A gifted glass artist, Linda is also the co-owner of Barking Dog Gallery. Linda’s art glass is the beautiful end product of a process that involves both designing and constructing the pieces. A single work can take numerous kiln firings and many days to complete. A talented colorist, Linda’s glass creations demonstrate not only her abilites at the kiln, but also her insight into the alchemy of glass itself.

Kiln carved glass bowl by Linda Dean
Kiln carved glass bowl by Linda Dean

Barking Dog Gallery
Barking Dog Gallery is the home of two working artist’s studios and a gallery and is located at 29 Lake Shore Drive in Lewes, DE. Our hours vary, but we are currently there from Tuedays through Sundays, 12 noon to 5 or later. Please call 856 577 1411 first to make sure.
We offer classes in jewelry making and art so feel free to contact us for more info. or to suggest topics for new classes.

One thought on “About BDG

  1. It’s always inspiring when talented artists share space together. Donna, the image here is breathtaking – dimensionally beautiful and I love the colors.
    Linda, my mother-in-law is a stained glass artist from way back – she worked at Lamm Studios – and has windows in NYC churches as well as a complete set of windows – a Fox Hunt – in a pub on Church Street, Burlington Vermont. I never appreciated glass they way it deserved until I met Karole. Your piece is lovely.
    Oh yes, and ladies – I adore the name of your studio/blog…takes the pretentiousness out and keeps all the art, creativity, playfulness and wonderment in – where it belongs :-)

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